Techincal Tour

The following are the detailed schedules of the tours.

Tour #1:
Hsinchu Hotels (07:50~) – SYNNEX Distribution Center (Logistics Facilities, 09:40~12:00) – Taoyuan International Airport (Lunch, 12:30~14:00) – Taoyuan International Airport (Air Cargo Facilities & T3 Project, 14:00~16:30) – Hsinchu Hotels (17:30~)
Lakeshore Hotel Forte Hotel Sol Hotel Ambassador Hotel NCTU
07:50 08:05 08:15 08:25 08:45
Tour #2:
Hsinchu Hotels (07:20~) – Taipei Port (Port Facilities and FTZ Operation Presentation, 09:30~11:30) – Taoyuan International Airport (Lunch, 12:15~14:00) – Taoyuan International Airport (Air Cargo Facilities & T3 Project, 14:00~16:30) – Hsinchu Hotels (17:30~)

Lakeshore Hotel Forte Hotel Sol Hotel Ambassador Hotel NCTU
07:20 07:35 07:45 07:55 08:15
The following are some messages related to the tours.
★ Buses will leave on time.
★ No photo or video taking is allowed in the SYNNEX Distribution Center and Taipei Port.
★ It is fine to leave the tours earlier so as to catch the departure flights at Taoyuan International Airport (TPE).

Following the tradition of the past T-LOG conferences, we have arranged on the third day (September 9th, 2016) two technical tours, which cover three outstanding operators related to transportation and logistics. The detailed information of the tours is as follows.

Tour 1: Hsinchu Hotels – Distribution Center of SYNNEX – Taoyuan International Airport - Hsinchu Hotels

Hsinchu Hotels SYNNEX Distribution Center Lunch Taoyuan International Airport Hsinchu Hotels
07:30 ~ 08:00 09:00 ~ 11:30 12:00 14:00 ~ 16:30 17:30
Tour 2: Hsinchu Hotels – Taipei Port – Taoyuan International Airport - Hsinchu Hotels

Hsinchu Hotels Taipei Port Lunch Taoyuan International Airport Hsinchu Hotels
07:15 - 07:45 09:00 - 11:30 12:00 14:00 ~ 16:30 17:30

Introductions to the Visiting Organizations
SYNNEX Corporation

As the largest distributing group of computer, communication and consumer electronic products (3C products) in Asia-Pacific and the third largest in the world, SYNNEX Technology International Corporation (SYNNEX) provides integrated services for the supply chains through a world-class operational model with unique management know-hows. It has won the trust of global customers and suppliers with excellent service quality. To this day, SYNNEX has the channels reaching 30 countries and regions and the sales locations in more than 200 world-leading cities, serving more than 80,000 resellers in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, the Middle East, and Africa. SYNNEX distributes a wide variety of 3C products from more than 300 leading brands.

In addition to maintaining a steady growth, SYNNEX has won various recognitions and acclaims for its superior operation and management capacities. It was recognized as one of the World's Top 100 IT Channels by Business Weekly of the USA and ranked as the third of the Top 50 Listed Channels in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong by Business Today of Taiwan. SYNNEX also has been awarded the ‘Most Valuable Global Brand in Taiwan' by the world-leading brand valuator Interbrand and named as the ‘IT Channel Benchmark Enterprise' in the Taiwan Most Admired Company Survey conducted by Common Wealth Magazine (Taiwan) for eight consecutive times.
Taipei Port

Taipei Port is located near the political and economic center of Taiwan, with the hinterland containing the biggest market of import and export containers. In addition, the regional geographic location is particularly advantageous to handle the transshipment containers from the southeast region of China. The port facilities can accommodate 10,000 - 15,000TEU container ships safely and are ready to attract the mainline container ships. As the first landlord port in Taiwan, Taipei Port is in line with the modern operational trend and the market expectation, leading to the position of competition superiority.

Taipei Port is roughly five times in terms of the size of the Keelung Port. Current major business activities include the finished vehicles logistics, the oil and petrochemical products, and the maritime express services. Future expansion projects include a large and modern container terminal, a bulk-cargo terminal, petrochemical products storage terminal, warehouse & logistics area, leisure & recreation district, yacht & pleasure craft pier, and logistics centers.

Taoyuan International Airport

Taoyuan International Airport is the gateway of Taiwan. Given the strategic hub location of Asia Pacific, five major airports in Asia are within reach in 175 minutes. It can provide a quality and convenient environment for passengers and cargo flow, stimulate industrial development and facilitate overall national development. Through the airport, the nation's economic momentum moves with the global rhythm.

Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 3 Project is one of the major development projects supported by government's policy of promoting the aerotropolis. Based on construction scale and investment cost, it is the single largest project in Taiwan for the past fifty years.